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A Habit Of Note Taking ~ Abigail Olumukoro

This is the last of the interviews with some of the avid note takers in our congregation.

Why do you take notes during the message? Why did you start and what are the benefits?

I take notes during the sermon, because what is heard can be forgotten, but what is written is always remembered. I was brought up in this way. I saw how my parents take notes during church services, and I followed that path. One of the benefits of taking notes is that I can always refer back to my notes and be reminded of God's Word in times of trial.

How do you pay attention to the message and take notes at the same time? Any special tips?

I listen carefully and when I hear something that touches my spirit, I write it down. I think the tip I use is to be focused and listen carefully. Also, it is very important to have your Bible handy because that way you can always read the Bible and write it down.

Do you do anything with your notes after Sunday? If so, how has this benefited you?

It depends on how God leads me during the week. Sometimes I study the Bible on a particular day and read something related to what was preached on Sunday or a long time ago, so I go back and read my notes for depth. Also, if I fast for a while and wait on the Lord, I can go back to my notes and read older messages that relate to what I am looking to God for. The message we write down can be the nourishment we need not only immediately, but in the years to come. It can also be a source of encouragement for someone else.

I encourage everyone to adopt this habit. It is good for your spiritual growth and development.

Thank you for sharing with us, Abigail!

As Phil shared this past Sunday, now that we have completed our series on the vision and mission of Grace Church, we will begin going through the Gospel of Mark on Sunday, November 6. Our practice of note taking with the message note sheets over the past months has been done to prepare us for this coming series. Phil showed us the Scripture Journals we will use during the Mark series. The Scripture Journals contain the entire book of Mark with scripture on one page and a note taking page facing it. Our desire with the use of these Scripture Journals is that they will help us participate and engage more with the message on Sunday mornings, as well as help us engage more with God through the Scriptures throughout the week.

If you did not pick up a Mark Scripture Journal in the lobby this past Sunday, they will be available again this Sunday.

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