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A Habit of Note Taking ~ Dana Schreder

Why do you take notes during the message? Why did you start and what are the benefits?

Taking notes forces me to pay closer attention because I must seek out the main point. I have never learned short-hand so it is mission impossible to transcribe the sermon. I must sift through the words and consider which the key ones are. The less I write down, the more I can attend to the speaker so I want to be efficient.

This process started while I was in school because it helped me study afterwards. One benefit was that writing made a deeper memory than simply listening.

How do you pay attention to the message and take notes at the same time? Any special tips?

That is hard. Sometimes I must depend on the person beside me catching the point that I missed. Sometimes I can listen while I write, but not often.

Do you do anything with your notes after Sunday? If so, how has this benefited you?

Although I rarely review my notes, the simple act of writing helps me to remember. I date my notes at the top, but one time I wanted to go back to reread something, I couldn’t find them! I must admit that this was years later.

Notebooks since 1985:

Thank you for sharing with us, Dana!!

Next week we will have our final post from note takers in the congregation.

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