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A Habit Of Note Taking ~ Roxanne Combs

Today's post is part of an ongoing series of interviews with avid note-takers in our congregation. They will share why they started taking notes during the message, what the benefits are, and provide some of their tips on how they take notes and what they do with them.

Why are we sharing interviews on note taking? We want to encourage a more active listening and engaging during the message portion of our worship service. That may look like note taking, or maybe it’s an encouragement to sit with a Bible in your lap and follow along through the message. Whatever the method, we want to encourage each of us to participate and engage more actively. We have designed message notes handouts and folders as a tool to help us.

Today's interview comes from Roxanne Combs.

Why do you take notes during the message? Why did you start and what are the benefits?

I take notes during the service for a couple of reasons. I like having something to refer back to when I spend time later in the week contemplating the message. It also keeps me engaged during the service. I've been a note taker for as long as I can remember, whether in class, at a meeting, a conference or church. It helps me retain what I'm hearing and gives me something to look back on.

How do you pay attention to the message and take notes at the same time? Any special tips for others? Taking notes actually helps me pay attention, sometimes my notes are incomplete because I don't have time to write it all down. I try to write the main point and not write word for word. My notes are less detailed now that I'm older, guess my brain is slowing down a bit, lol.

Do you use your notes for further study during the week? If so, in what ways? How has this benefited you? I like to take one quiet time during the week and go over my notes from the service. My notes will often have a line or two from a song that ministered to me. And I might jot down a name of someone who God puts on my heart. I try to connect with them after service or during the week. If a verse sticks out for me, I will try to memorize it, but I do not do well with memorization, so I write it on a sticky note and put it inside my phone case so I see it and read it.

Thank you for sharing with us, Rox!

Next week we will hear from another avid note taker in our congregation.

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