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We all want richer, fuller lives, right?  We want to know the Bible better, and we want real-life training for the challenges of life in the 21st century.  LIFECHANGE is just what you've been waiting for.  Three times a year we offer 8-9 week classes designed to meet you right where you are, so you can enter into the abundant life that Jesus promises.  

Lifechange will help you:

  1. explore  life with Christ and membership at Grace,

  2. learn practical ways to live out your life with Christ,

  3. discover how God has uniquely gifted and equipped you to make a difference in the Church and the world,

  4. enjoy digging into the riches of God’s Word, and

  5. interact with others.  We are made for fellowship and community, and the best learning happens when we do it together!


There will be three basic tracks: Foundations, Biblical Studies, and Christian Living.

Foundations will include Membership classes, & focus on spiritual formation, discipleship, and ministry. 


Biblical Studies will focus on books, topics, themes, or letters, that won't likely be covered in Sunday morning messages (for example, the life of David, stewardship, spiritual gifts, evangelism, etc.) 


Christian Living courses may center on Parenting Young Children/Teens; Budgeting; Balancing Work, Life, and Ministry; or books like The Screwtape Letters or spiritual biographies, etc.


Classes will happen either before or after the Sunday morning service in the Activity Center.  Childcare will be provided. 

current courses (Jan 7-Feb 25)
**register by dec 31**


Learning about and taking part in what it means to be a member of Grace Church



A study intended to help deepen one's understanding and practice of prayer.

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