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ways to connect and serve

There are several ways to connect and serve in our life together.  Below are a few different ministries and the contact person for the ministry.  To learn more about ways to plug in and/or get involved, at the bottom of the page under "Contact Us," please enter your name, email, and, in the message portion, list which ministry you would like more information on.  

Other areas of ministry


Jeanne Dotson and team serve the church by helping plan and host potluck meals and other events for the church.  

Prayer Team

Marie Minniear and team meet Sunday mornings at 9am for the sole purpose of prayer.  They pray for the church in a variety of ways, and they pray for God's glory to be furthered through us.  


Tina Grau and team help serve the church by creating ways for women to build and foster relationships with one another.  This happens in a variety of ways from Bible study to meals together. 

Men's Ministry

Mike Kerrigan and team help the men of the church develop and use their God given gifts and abilities for the benefit of the Body of Christ and the expansion of His Kingdom.  They meet weekly Wednesday mornings and hold a annual retreat in the fall.


Mary Brack leads our Outreach Ministry at Grace.  We have several ways to get involved in our neighborhood and its community.  Some ways are through our relationship with Keyser Elementary and Rogers High School, as well as our School Supply Pantry.  


Mike Dotson and team serve the people of the church and its facilities in so many ways, from caring for certain individual needs to the property as a whole.  

Tech Team

Brothers Paul and Tim Kerrigan lead our Tech Team.  This team serves on Sunday mornings and any special services in our sound booth, and they help with the communication display.  


Will Conser and team help care for and teach our children.  They serve in our weekly Sunday School classes (classes range between ages 3-14), and each teacher serves on a monthly rotation.  

Youth Ministry

Nick Easley and team serve the High School students of our church.  They meet every other Sunday after the service for food, fun, and study!  They also go on an annual retreat in the fall.

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