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We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, and that it is authoritative for every believer.  Because we hold the Scriptures in such high regard, we almost always preach a message series through an entire book or section of Scripture.  While we occasionally preach topically, our Sunday morning messages are expository, meaning they're intended to explain or "unpack" the key ideas and applications of the biblical book, letter, or gospel we're studying. Current messages and messages from previous series can be found on the Grace Church YouTube channel. 

Current Series:

"The Gospel Continues..."  We are currently reviewing our values as a church. 


As God’s faithful people, we:

  1. Worship Him with all we are and have as our highest purpose, deepest joy, and most loyal response. 

  2. Devote ourselves to a distinct way of life together, led by the Holy Spirit.

  3. Give ourselves away for His kingdom under the authority of Jesus, our supreme King.

  4. Reveal Christ’s Incarnational Presence in the world.  

  5. Listen for His voice, look for His activity, and respond in prompt, joyful obedience.

  6. Recognize and receive His grace in all humility, experiencing in it transformation of the heart.

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